Sunday, June 11, 2017

Final Results

Before I announce the final results, let me get some general business out of the way. :)  

If you find any errors on this post please notify me as soon as possible. Once I have sent out the PayPal payments I will not be able to make any changes. Each of you should be receiving an email within the next week notifying you of your refund and/or winning total. Please watch your emails for notification from PayPal that you have received your refund.  I will be sending it to the PayPal email you listed on your registration later this week, after I give people a chance to notify me of any errors they can see.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO REQUEST THE REFUND!  I will send it as a payment.  

Several have asked if I will be running another challenge.  My goal is to start another challenge in July.  I will send out an email with registration and start dates in a week or so.  I need time between challenges to make sure everyone gets paid and to clear out the spreadsheets.  

Congratulations on a difficult but great 8 weeks!!

As a group (77 people) we lost a total of 619 lbs!!  That is INCREDIBLE!!!

Along with those pounds you lost a total of  434 inches!  Another INCREDIBLE statistic!

Be sure and check out the before and after tab to see pictures of the change that occurs when you work hard and follow the rules of this challenge.   If you would like to brag about your before and after, send me your picture and I'll add it to the collection! 

As stated in the rules the following people will earn part of the pot of money:
1. The person with the biggest weight loss percentage
2. The Person with the most points
3. Each member of the team with the highest number of points

Here are the final results for this round of the Building Good Habits Wellness Challenge: 

Biggest weight loss percentage:
Ryan Orgill 12.5% from Team Cheetah!

Congratulations!! That is an incredible accomplishment!!

Person with the most points:
We had a   15 - way tie for person with the most points.  The following people had the most individual points by earning 100% of their points throughout the challenge:

Aleisha McConkie
Amie Croft
Andy Bartholomew
Andy Duncan
Brian Simon
Elizabeth Putnam
Gared Whiting
Jared Hawes
Jason Croft
Jennifer Penrod
Jessica Whiting
Kristine Stephens
Mary Ann Hawes
Michael Faria
Rose Mitchell
Ryan Orgill
Ryan Putnam
Sarah Faria
Shelley Burgener
Tracie Simon

And the team standings: 
(remember the point totals are an average of all team member's points throughout the 8 week challenge)

 1st Place: Otters 
Team Otters:  Andy Bartholomew, Carolee Adams, Jenny Capener, Lisa Wootan, Ruth Miller, Ruthie Exama, Theo Goulos
2nd Place: Horn Sharks
3rd Place:  Cheetahs
4th Place:  Giraffes
5th Place:  Monkeys

To see the rest of the teams rankings, click this link.
Congratulations to Everyone!!

Once again congratulations on making yourself a priority in your life and building good habits. I hope that you have enjoyed your experience and I hope to see you in future challenges!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week 8 Results (NOT FINAL RESULTS)

Yay!  What a great challenge!  Final results will be coming soon!

Here are this week's results:

The 2+ Club you will see each week are the people who lost 2 - 4.9 pounds during the week.

The 5+ Club you will see each week are the people who lost more than 5 pounds during the week.

5+ Club: Ryan Orgill, Mary Ann Hawes, Gared Whiting, 

2+ Club:  Andy Bartholomew, Aleisha McConkie, Ashley Reno, Gary Bartholomew, Jared Hawes, Michael Faria, David Cousin, Gina Duncan, Rose Mitchell, Tracie Simon

Because of the large number of teams for this challenge, I will only be posting the names of the top 5 teams each week.   However, you can click on the link below to see how all of the teams ranked. If your team is not in the top five, what can you do to help them get there next week?

1st Place: Horn Sharks
2nd Place: Cheetahs
3rd Place: Otters
4th Place: Giraffes
5th Place: Lion

See how the rest of you ranked by clicking This Link!

Well Done Everyone!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Reporting Points

 As you get read to enter into the 2nd week, it is time for your team to choose the weekly challenge option that you would like to do for the week.  NEW for this round, I have added a challenge that must be done in week 4 and a challenge that must be done in week 8.  You can choose from any of the 5 remaining options for the other weeks.  Just remember that before the challenge ends you must do all of the weekly challenges.  Each week you will choose a new weekly challenge.  

You did it!  You've  made it through the first week, and now it's almost time to report your points (on Friday).  My favorite part about running these challenges is seeing the points come rolling in.  It is amazing what people can accomplish each week.  Reporting your points is a simple task!  All you need to do is follow the steps below:

1.  Use the reporting points tab on top of the blog to report your points. Click on your team name and insert the required points. This puts all your numbers into a data base that I can download into an excel file. It also keeps everyone's points together in the same location which helps to ensure I find your points. After you click on your team name you will see all of the required fields.  I have placed cell numbers next to each field.  The cell numbers coincide with the cell numbers on the Excel sheet you should be using to track your points. 

PLEASE USE THE SAME NAME YOU USED WHEN YOU REGISTERED WHEN YOU REPORT YOUR POINTS EACH WEEK.   For example, if you registered as Elizabeth, but you go by Liz, please report your points as Elizabeth each week and not Liz......All of the spreadsheets are alphabetical and it messes up everyone's points if you are not where you are supposed to be..  :)

If you are not using the excel sheets then you need to refer to the "Rules" tab and review how the points are calculated.  (Please use the excel sheets if at all possible...yes, I'm allowing myself to beg!) ;)

2.  I sent out a "VIEW ONLY" copy of the database for your team along with your team roster.  After you report your points, please check the database to make sure your points were submitted.  If you see an error on the database, re-submit your points immediately. 

3. I do not need any of your week one measurements and weight. I just need to know how much you lost during the week.

4.  You do not need to email me your excel sheets or your points.  Please use the blog.

5. Remember that all points must be submitted by 10:00pm on Friday. Any points reported after 10:00pm on Friday will be accepted with a 15 point penalty. Points not submitted before I post the weekly winners will not be counted at all.

****If you should make a mistake when reporting your points, please re-submit them with the changes and leave a comment at the end that these are the correct points.**** 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Registration Is Now Closed!

Registration for this round of the Building Good Habits Wellness Challenge is now closed.  I'll get things organized and get emails out to you as soon as possible with your team contact information.  You should have already received an email from me confirming your registration.  This email also contained the spreadsheets you will need for this challenge.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


If you are here to register for the new challenge, Click on the Rules Tab at the top of the page to make sure you know all the rules and are ready to commit to them for the entire 8 weeks of the challenge.  Once you are ready to commit, click on the Registration Tab to register.

The Next Challenge will run from April 14th - June 9th.

All participants must pay using PayPal.  All refunds will be done through PayPal.

**Please read the PayPal instructions carefully when submitting your payment via PayPal. Payments not submitted correctly will be returned.**